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sashes #21 to #24 are left to right in photo
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yoruba diviner's sashes

sash 21, $215.00
sash 22, $300.00
sash 23, $300.00
sash 24, $400.00
material: beads, cowrie shells
size: 43" to 51"
vendor: hamill gallery
item #AC2-542



Sashes 22-24 are more expensive since they incorporate designs in high relief.

Derived from the sacred beaded sheaths for Oko iron staffs, the sashes are symbols of the owner's spiritual position and are worn in public ceremonies by Ifa priestesses and displayed in their homes/shrines. Beads and cowrie shells were signs of wealth and status. In addition to the Yoruba faces with vertical scarifications on the cheeks, common themes include many types of animals and geometric patterns. 

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