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ceremonial abstract stool

price: $800.00
material: wood
size: 18" by 26"
vendor: hamill gallery
item #AC2-766


Stools indicate status, power and succession of chiefs and kings. Carved from single blocks, Asante (or Ashanti) stools traditionally have crescent-shaped seats, flat bases and complex support structures, which exist in many designs with symbolic meaning. Most had specific names and designated users. Asante stools are spiritual as well as practical. They were understood to be the seat of the owner's soul and when not in use were leaned against a wall so that other souls passing by would not settle on it.

This design, known as a Obi-Te-Obi-So Dwa, one man sits on another's stool. This as a stool used only by the highest kings on festive occasions. 

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