Estelle Carlson
dyer, handweaver, tailor, USA

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While traveling in Tanzania I discovered an exciting store that dealt with art from all over Africa--utensils, weavings, sculptures and masks. A mask which may be from the Congo struck me--and of course, I had to have it. This mask is quite rugged and beautiful and for me an endless source of inspiration. So upon coming home I painted on fabric with dyes my rendition of the mask--in fact, I painted not only one rendition of the mask, but two. I took the first painting and cut it into strips--these are the warp strips; the second painting I also cut into strips--these being the weft strips. I then interlaced the two paintings and created an abstract image of my mask. The fabric that surrounds the mask in handknitted with a variety of fibers--the knitted fabric represents the African rain forest.

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