Estelle Carlson
dyer, handweaver, tailor, USA

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While camping on Lake Malawi I was awakened early one morning by the sounds of animal life as well as the vibrancy of a particularly startling sunrise. The entire sky was a vivid orange, yellow and pink--and not only was the sky full of color but added to this beauty was the reflection of the sky in the dark blue water of the lake. I quickly grabbed my camera to photograph this lovely vision with the idea that upon returning home I would translate this scene in a garment. It has been several years since that moment, but recently I came across the photograph and decided to paint yarns to match the sunrise. After painting the yarns I knitted fabric using an "ikat knitting" technique--the blue panels and sleeves of the jacket are indigo dyed, handwoven cotton fabric from Mali. The lining is a cotton batik fabric I purchased in China some years ago.

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