Estelle Carlson
dyer, handweaver, tailor, USA

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Ghana -- Mole Park

Mole Park is located in northern Ghana--and is an absolutely exciting animal park. Rather than riding in jeeps through the park, the visitor walks and hikes throughout Mole. By walking the hiker comes in close contact with elephants, monkeys, crocodiles and impala. The forest is not only alive with animals--but alive with animal sounds--the songs of birds, the trumpeting of elephants and chirping of monkeys. One day in the late afternoon, I took a walk with the guide and was completely overwhelmed--the animals, the noises and the colors. The sun streaming through the plant life overwhelmed me--the oranges, browns, yellows, greens were so vivid. I took many photos and upon arriving home I attempted to paint the images--I painted the images on silk fabric. By cutting the various paintings into warp and weft strips and then interlaced the strips I created several panels of my reactions to Mole Park. I combined these panels with fabric I wove--the woven fabric represents the trees and undulating land forms that are all over Mole Park.

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