Craft Cooperative, Ivory Coast

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Material: hand-spun cotton, woven strips stitched together and glued to polyphane; stiched-on motifs or brown, red or black painted motifs.
Shape: cylindrical, oval, square, recangular, conical.
Material of base: wood (generally teak), traditional pottery, modern pottery.

Lamp Shades (left to right):
ARE-45 rectangular painted
ACY-26 cylindrical stitched-on
ACY-37 cylindrical painted
ACA-25 square painted
ACO-56 conical stitched-on

Base (left to right):
PSR-45 sculptured rectangular
PPC-25 pottery cylindrical
PPC-35 pottery cylindrical
PSC-25 sculptured square
PKA-55 Katiola pottery

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