Our Mission
The most interesting sites on the Internet tend to have something in common, in our opinion, and that is that they were built by a multitude of different people and reflect a variety of voices.

Our intention in designing the AfricanCraft.com web site has been to set up just such a site, where anybody with an interest, or business, in the arts of Africa can contribute information. The result, we hope, will lead to a site that reflects the great variety of ideas and techniques found in the arts of Africa - both traditional and modern.

We wish to provide a venue for all African artisans to showcase their work. Additionally we will showcase product designers whose work incorporates African materials or designs; and will provide information on books, articles and educational materials of interest. In the great linking tradition of the Web, we hope that this site will link together disparate sources of information - from the people who work in the traditional crafts and those who are influenced by them.

The most exciting prospect for the AfricanCraft.com web site, would be for it to act as a giant world-accessible bulletin board! Our job, as we view it, is to keep it running and to organize all the information on it so that viewers can easily find what interests them.

We invite submissions from artisans, product designers, scholars, authors, photographers, merchants, and all who simply have a passion for Africa's designs.

Most of our services are free to qualified individuals and organizations.

There is also a commercial area of the web site, the "Shops", where several retailers offer their product catalogs under a unified ordering mechanism which we maintain.

AfricanCraft.com is the main website of our parent company, African Crafts Online, Inc.

To find out more about AfricanCraft.com, click on any of the links in the menu on the left. We hope you find the site interesting and if you have anything to tell us about it, please don't hesitate! we'd love to hear it.